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Hannigan Popp

 Poet, Writer & Community Organiser

'unseen star lives shining still'


Hope & Other Animals

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The Bindings


The Little Book of Invasions 



I found memorable writing here that evokes the lives of industrial communities.    Nature and place speak for  those muted by political

indifference. Warm and moving with a poignant        edginess, I felt present in poetically charged worlds.      

Michael Gorman

Book Launch:        Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Galway

An innate feeling for poetry weaves through this collection of memory, narrative and endurance. A witty voice sharpens the rhythms.   

Peter Ellson

Tuba Press Editor

A brilliant attempt to rework and revision mythological Irish history from a contemporary viewpoint and personal experience. Using innovative poetics, places            it beside the reworkings of Thomas Kinsella and Trevor Joyce

Professor John Goodby


In The Press


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Why does the globe show north at the top? Why can't purple rhyme with eireaball?      Why shouldn't a round peg fit into a square hole?Figuring things out and thinking outside the box have been the stepping stones of my path through life in the regeneration sector and into creative writing & publication.   


Building bridges in the English Home Counties led to creating a community park in the old coalfields of Wales. I was vexed by the burning question of restoring the balance of people with planet. I now  host a cultural community projectTh'Other:Together in Ballygar, for 

Galway EU2020 & do PhD research in Swansea, Wales.  

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